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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Week 8 Recap

We’ve come to the point where the variety of decks you can choose from is very large. This week’s Ladder Breakdown showcases 5 decks! In this week’s article, you will find detailed decklists, with a brief guide, Mulligan, and Card Replacements.

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Why Aggro Decks will always rule Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is a game that throughout its’ course, has seen a lot of different deck archetypes reign supreme. In the history of the game, almost every single class had the strongest deck in the Meta at some point. Alas, one thing has remained true since the earliest days: Aggressive Decks seem to always find a way to be on top of the win rate statistics and ladder ranked mode. Why is that trend going on for so long? Are there any specific reasons or is just the nature of the game designed to be that way?

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Know your Class! – Hunter

Hello everyone, I am Pestilentio, and it’s been a long time since our last Know Your Class Article. I will make it up to you though! I wish a happy new year to all of you and Ben Brode please don’t ruin the game with the upcoming adventure in April 2017!

Today we’re going to talk about Rexxar, the Hunter’s main representative in Hearthstone. Yes I like Aleria too but guys, just look at him! He is a half ogre-half, that’s why you probably can’t tell his lineage just by looking at him.

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Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #35

Here is the Solution to our Lastest Hearthstone Puzzle! A really tough puzzle, requiring multiple adjustements to win. Remember that we reward our Top Solvers each month, based on their! You can read more about it right here! Congratulations to anyone who found out!

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Hearthstone Puzzle #35

How do we get lethal this turn in this puzzle? Remember it’s a puzzle so we have to find a solution for THE WORST RNG (Talking about deathrattles, secrets etc NOT draws) . We don’t have control over what cards we draw (NOR do they affect the game in ANY way, no flame levianthan etc) . We just need a solution that works 100%. DON’T FORGET! From now on with each correct answer you win points! You compete for money prizes every month! Take every outcome to thinking , as you can’t predict where [Arcane Missiles] / [Flamecannon] goes. Good luck everyone! Difficulty 3,5/5. Credits: Eddetektor
DON’T FORGET! From now with each correct answer you win points! You compete for money prizes every month! It’s a tricky puzzle with lot of calculations so be careful ! Good luck to everyone!
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Arena Class Tier List – Mean Street of Gadgetzan

So MSG is here with a lot of new exciting cards that change the Arena Tier List more that everyone was expecting! This tier list is a product of discussion and it will surely change in the future, as the meta evolves and the players get accustomed to these new cards! So check it out and tell us what you think!

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hearthstone otk featured

Hearthstone Analysis – The Otk Problem

“Hm, Well Played” your opponent whispers and you know you are done for. What follows is a sequence of card combinations that enable your opponent to kill you in one turn, regardless of your remaining health. After that, you desperately exhale, close Hearthstone and cry yourself to sleep. Hearthstone’s OTK (one-turn-kill) decks have always been frustrating to deal with, although they have been trimmed down in numbers. We discuss about the most played OTK decks through time, as well as Blizzard’s approach to them (NERF!)

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puzzle-32 featured

Hearthstone Defense #1

New Series guys! It’s not about getting lethal this time , it’s only about clearing the board completely.( Remember guys , you must Clear the WHOLE BOARD ) We are not the aggressor this time , we just Defend ! With each correct answer you win points! You compete for money prizes every month!ts: Catatafish

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Deck Types in Hearthstone

Hello once again, I am “Spinalogaman”, team coach and player for Razor’s Edge Gaming. This time I will talk about the general strategies of the game and separate almost every existing play-style in categories. Also, I am going to emphasize in how complex they can be to play. This an article that focuses on the competitive aspect of Hearthstone.Feel free express your thoughts in the comments section and stick around for even more Educational Articles about our favorite card game!

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 Hearthstone Scenario #11

Scenarios are exercises of the imagination, so you are in full control of the RNG and what can happen.
FROM NOW ON every correct answer you get it will award you points! And every month the 3 top solvers and a lucky random winner will win prizes! So register to our site to stay updated for even more rewards!

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legendary crafting guide

A Legendary Crafting Guide for The Current Meta

The ‘must-have’ Legandaries for this meta. This is going to be live updated and changed at least 2 times in a week! Things might change, and while I tried my best, I still might have some personal bias. Feel free to comment and suggest any changes, as I would like you to help contribute to this list as well!

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mathematics-4 featured

Hearthstone Mathematics #4

This exercise is about to find the best chance of winning. There is no 100% solution like puzzles nor you control the RNG like Scenarios. You have to find the solution based on pure mathematics ( or Instinct ) to get the lethal! You can read more about it in the link below.

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