Arena Class Tier List MSG

by FKIShadow

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will probably be the most meta-defining expansion that we’ve seen so far. It introduced new mechanics as well as new deck archetypes in the meta.

This list is going to be updated every time we see an Arena Balance change. So we would like to read your thoughts and reactions to our speculation in the Arena Class Tier List. This is a product of discussion, not a single person’s opinion!

1. Warlock

arena tier class list msg warlockWarlock is the new king Fellas. MSG has brought him some amazing arena cards, plus the previous buff that removed a lot of really terrible warlock cards, right now it seems that the warlock card pool is one of the top 3 card pools at the moment. Combine this with the best hero power in the game and you have get the Top class! ( Credits to Heartharena for the stats! )

2. Mage

Arena class Tier list msgjaina proudmoreThe new cards aren’t quite as amazing as the old ones, for Arena, so mage loses her stop at the top. Don’t get me wrong, mage is a safe class to pick, with cards like [Flamestrike], [Fireball] etc, this class will never be a bad choise for arena. She has a really good hero power , and an amazing card pool.


3. Rogue

arena class tier list msg rogueEvery class that got Jade Cards also got nerfed in Arena. Fortunately for Rogue, her Jade cards aren’t that bad. She is still the queen of “tempo” that plays fast with cards like [Sap], so she is a solid pick for arena no matter what.

4. Paladin


arena class tier list msg paladinPaladin’s new cards for Arena are amazing and in my opinion they might place him above rogue in the future. Additionally, the whole “buff in hand” mechanism is huge in this expansion and it has helped Paladin more than any other class because of his divine combos.

5. Priest


arena class tier list msg priestWhat is happening? Priest isn’t at the last 2 spots? Are you insane? Guys, Priest got some amazing new cards for Arena, and in my opinion he gets one of the biggest boosts along with Warlock. Every card works pretty good in Arena and actually you could make some drake synergy happen. Priest’s drake pool got much stronger and Priest players are really happy about it.

6. Warrior

arena class tier list msg warriorWe might say that Warrior is one of the losers of the MSOG expansion, but not because he got nerfed. His cards are actually okay. It’s just that the other classes got bigger buffs and they will start outshining Warrior. The fact that he has probably the worst hero power for arena doesn’t help either and only some crazy runs with 6 weapons can bring you some 12s.

7. Shaman


arena class tier list msg shamanShaman is still okay-ish, the jade cards don’t help much. Getting a 7 mana minion that’s a 5-5 with a 1-1 taunt. It is basically a much worse version than [Obsidian Destroyer]. There is not enough jade synergy with many cards in Arena (Almost the whole wild card pool), so Shaman finds himself in the 7th place.

8. Hunter

arena class tier list msg hunterHunter might end up proving me wrong. His cards are pretty good for arena. The problem is that his hero power and play-style aren’t meant to be that strong in Arena. The additions are more than welcome so we might see Hunter climbing 1 or 2 spots in the future.

9. Druid


arena class tier list msg druidWell. The clear loser of this Expansion. Druid! He may have got a huge buff constucted-wise (probably the best class at the moment) but it is a way different story in Arena. Most Jade cards are inconsistent. [Jade Idol] is flat out bad and almost all of his new cards are terrible for arena. Combine this with a mediocre hero power and you find Druid there, at the last spot. Let’s see if Malfurion can prove me wrong and climb a spot or too, but I think it will be like this for a while.

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