This time we’ll be talking about the coolest deck you can play … Freeze Mage. Let me make something clear from the beginning. It is not an easy deck to play nor a no-brainer deck, like secret Paladin or midrange Shaman. You need concentration and patience to win, with even the stupidest of opponents, but that doesn’t make it less broken.

When you finally crafted all the cards for Freeze Mage


Was your opponent just a moment ago at full HP with full board and now he/she is dead??? It’s probably because you are playing one of the most hated or loved (by some) decks… The Freeze Mage deck (not cool bro not cool). The basic idea behind Freeze Mage, for those who are not familiar with it, is to freeze and clear the board for the most part of the game, stay alive with the help of the Ice Block’s and the Ice Barrier’s, and then finish off your opponent in 2 turns with the help of [Alexstrasza] and powerful spells like [Fireball], [Frostbolt], [Ice Lance] and last but not least [Pyroblast].

Freeze Mage has been a thing since the open beta version of Hearthstone, back when [Pyroblast] used to cost 8 mana!!!  Let’s not travel so back in time, because most of you probably became addicted to Hearthstone a little bit after that. With each expansion releasing new cards, Mage can choose from a very big variety of cards that one can use to evolve this everlasting deck. For example, the Naxxramas expansion added the [Mad Scientist]. They gave Mage board pressure and put in play a secret. Thus giving Mage a 3 mana advantage plus, a dead draw when they pushed for lethal. So the [Mad Scientist] replaced the [Novice Engineer], [Azure Drake] or [Mirror Image]. The Goblins Vs Gnomes expansion added more sustainability and clear against agro, in the form of [Antique Healbot] and [Explosive Sheep]. The Blackrock Mountain expansion saw the strongest addition since the deck’s conception, [Emperor Thaurissan], giving the deck a greater win condition with cheaper spells like [Ice Lance], [Frostbolt] and [Fireball]. The League of Explorers expansion added the [Forgotten Torch], which helped with trading and giving you a cheaper push for lethal with a 3 mana [Fireball], Roaring Torch. Lastly, the Whispers of the Old Gods added [Evolved Kobold]. It gave Mage an even greater burst for lethal with the help of [Emperor Thaurissan]. [Evolved Kobold] is such a strong addition to the deck, that in some cases, you don’t even need the help of [Alexstrasza] to finish off your opponent. Thus, transforming the traditional 2 turn kill deck into an OTK.


In conclusion, Freeze Mage is a powerful deck that evolves and progresses with every expansion and adventure. Freezing everybody’s fun of playing the game that queues up against it. It has been played from the very start of Hearthstone, and in my opinion, it will always find a way to be in the current meta (unfortunately).That’s because it has only one hard counter, the Control Warrior (and he is just so damn expensive to craft).

P.S. I am really not sorry for the puns. I enjoyed writing each and every one of them.