Top 5 Hearthstone Best Class Cards of the Current Meta

by FKIShadow


Well it seems like Karazhan won’t bring big changes to the meta  ( First wing brought almost nothing new to the table ) so these cards are going to stick for a while. Those cards are huge at the moment and there are really important on their respective decks.

Fiery War Axe

fiery war axe Photo

The card that have never left any warrior deck EVER. It’s been played since the game launched  and unless it gets a blizzard nerf ( Warsong Commander anyone? )  it’s gonna be core for every warrior deck. No disadvantage , a card you always dream to mulligan and the most important card versus aggro match ups.





Flamewreathed Faceless

hearthstone best class cards flamewreathed Faceless photo

A card that brought shaman from the bottom to the top . Propably the card that most people hope that gets nerfed . Amazing stats with just 4 mana with no big drawback , considering the alternatives like Venture Co and Fel Reaver . With Big Game Hunter and Priest out of the picture this card is even stronger due to the luck of removals by opponents, it usually makes your enemy trades 2 cards for it , or he loses. Simply as that.




Call of the Wild

hearthstone best class cards call of the wild photo

When we all thought that hunter have been nerfed enough and now he can be an mediocre class , Call of the Wild brought hunter back to the tier 1 of the decks. This card gives around 10 mana value with 8 and amazing utility as it combines charge , taunt and +1 attack to your minions. It’s like Dr.Boom where if you were ahead , he simply closed the game and if you were behind he could give you a chance for a fightback. Amazing card.




Tunnel Trogg

hearthstone best class cards Tunnel Trogg photo

Well , currently seems that Shaman is dethroning Warrior for the most played class of the meta , so he deserves a second spot on that list. Tunnel Trogg is Undertaker v2 ( Not the WWE guy ). While he might not get that tanky as Undertaker , he can get so much attack that most of the time he either trades for a way higher mana cost minion or he just does insanely op damage helping shaman to finish of the job with Doomhammer or Lava Burst. Oh and 3 health just so he can kill almost any 1 drop of the other classes. Totally fair.



Fandral Staghelm

hearthstone best class cards fandral photo

Ok you might disagree on this one. But this card can singlehandedly win a game for a druid. The most underrated card of the expansion ( With Yogg Saron ) that noone expected to be so desisive came to prove that it can do wonders. You can check the latest European Summer Preliminaries and see how impactful was that card.






Do you agree with that top list? Or do you think I should have included other cards? Feel free to comment your top 5 class cards of the meta!

Honorable Mentions: Doomhammer, Ravaging Ghoul, Alexstrasza’s Champion.

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