Hearthstone Legend Achieving Tips-The mentality behind your play style

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Hello guys my name is Pestilentio, and I play Hearthstone since its release. In general, I am not a competitive player in every game that I play. So in Hearthstone, I always reached rank 5 for the reward (and just for the glory the the first seasons), and left it there. I did not try to get to legend because I didn’t care. But after playing some competitive Starcraft (Yes I did, we will talk about it another time), I found the intriguing factor that I was missing in Hearthstone. Because the mentality of laddering is not that different from a 1v1 game to another.

I want to point out that I address myself to people who want to get to legend with the least time possible. You can get to the  legend rank with any deck, if you are a good player but you will need much more time and guts to do that! So let’s get to it!

There are 4 topics that we are about to discuss:

  • Choosing your deck.
  • Adjusting it to the meta.
  • General mentality.
  • And the most important. The connection between these three!


Choosing your deck

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I think it is obvious why I choose to start with this topic. Your deck is the core of your laddering. It comes with a specific mindset, you love it, and it makes motivates you to play the game probably. My advice here is to choose a deck that has decent match ups online (meaning you can still win a non-favored match up with a respectable percentage) and a deck that is fast. From 20 to legend you need 56 more wins than loses. This means most of the time, a lot of games.

Consider that if you have 60%-win rate you are considered to be decent and that translates to 247 games played! So the average game length here is a bit of an issue. And that is obviously connected to the deck you play. This can vary from 4:30 minutes bottoms minutes to 8:30 minutes tops. So if we do the math, with a decent win-rate you will need 18,5 to 37.1 hours to get to legend from rank 20. If we go down by a bit, into the 57% which is still good, the time required jumps to 26,4 to 52.8 hours played. It is important to mention that win streaks will save you time, from 4.5 to 8.6 hours, accordingly to the average game time of your deck.

Understanding your deck

There is also another aspect that pushes us to choose fast decks. Fast decks mean more games in a certain amount of time. More games mean that you can analyze the construction of the meta and finding a deck that has the best chances to win against it.

Also, another important factor here, that many of us ignore is the understanding of the deck we play. So for example, if you picked a deck with let’s say 65% win-rate to legend from Hearthpwn, do not expect to see that right away. In most of the cases, the average player need many games (varying from 20 to 100) to understand the concept and play style of each deck. In other words,you have no reason to feel frustrated if you pick a good deck and lose most of the time at first (I’ve won more than 800 games with freeze mage and still I am not 100% sure for some plays, sometimes!)

Furthermore, regarding the amount of games played with a specific deck, you can adjust your existing deck (more usual than the first scenario) in order to “beat” the meta! And with that sentence I will proceed to my next topic.


Meta adjustments


This brings me to another important feature of a competitive Hearthstone Player. Understanding the meta. For this you will need to play many games. And when I say many I mean more than 30, to get a solid conclusion. For me, I prefer to play even more just to minify the chances of getting a wrong conclusion out of this. You have to understand your deck’s strong points, your wining conditions and then, as you play, you will see what you lack to win, in comparison to the other tier 1 decks.

I will give you an example, just to emphasize how important that step is. We all know the variations in the Zoo deck, regarding leeroy or doomguards. The last seasons doomguard is preferred (with power overwhelming, which obviously synergies better than soulfire) because we are on a meta ruled by shamans and midrange warriors. So a 5/7 with charge is immediate presence on the board and a good minion trader! Leeroy maybe a better finisher, but he lacks that ability as he is only used for that purpose.

            Be ready to do multiple changes to achieve Hearthstone’s Legend Rank!


General tip for laddering mentality


Last but not least, is the mentality required to ladder with good results. I want to point these thing out pretty straight forward, because if do you this it will just help you, regardless the case:

  • hearthstone legend tiltIf you tilt too much, take a BREAK! This is of utmost importance. I’ve seen that on myself and many other players. When I tilt due to a top deck or something like a crazy Yogg, I do more misplays as the time goes on! So close this “wonderful and fair” game that we play, and do something else for a while. 🙂
  • Be ready to lose. Sometimes you just cannot win. There is no out, shaman just drew the second 7/7 in 12 cards, and you have no removals. The important thing about mentality here is the fact that this may happen again. And again… And again… So go back to step 1!
  • Do not change your play style. Since you’ve understood your deck well enough, do not change the play that seems best to you, in order to counter some top deck like 2nd lighting storm or second ravaging ghoul. Do not play around top deck, if you have a whole around better play that will make win the game!
  • Trust what your experience has taught you. If you’ve played 100 games with a deck in 3-5 days, you’ve pretty much dealt with every situation in the current meta. So do not overthink. You are on the ladder. Ladder means chances. You make the play that gives you the best chance of winning, not the play that double counters your opponents ideal hand. Cause you will end up countering nothing most of the times, you will just adjust to a lower probability that may end up costing you the game. Most of the times, laddering is about proactive plays, not perfect full round removal turns!

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Interconnection between these 3


It is the time for me to sum up. And thanks to everyone that stayed with me for this long. So let’s get to it!

  1. Choose a good deck that you love playing, and compromise with the idea that you maybe still do not know how to play it! Give it some time and it will reward you.
  2. When you play your first games, I want you to observe each deck’s strong points, including yours. Be prepared to lose, and then revise your mistakes, say to yourself “It’s ok, it will get better” and move on! (Thank you starcraft)
  3. When you’ve optimized your plays and you are still losing, find the problem within your deck. Is the mulch missing? Do I really need 2 swipes? (probably yes though). “I do not seem to find an answer to early aggression, maybe I should put more early drops and answers then, and lighted up my 5-6 drop slot.” These are healthy thoughts and personally this is my favorite part of laddering. But do not forget: You always have to be ready to lose a lot of games in a row!
  4. Trust yourself and do not change your entire deck. Experience is a valuable thing in Laddering. This is the factor that makes me say that any deck can get to legend, with variations to the number of games required. Do not overthink a play that you’ve already made 50 times and you’ve seen it work. Go on, and if you lose, it’s OK.
  5. Keeping stats will help you speed up this whole process by a big margin. I recommend Hearthstone Deck Tracker, it is the best tool to get accurate statistic results about your win rates and the meta’s construction .



Thanks everyone again for sticking with me for this long. I hope I helped some of you that struggle getting to legend. And remember, if you feel bad about yourself, you can always read this!
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