Hearthstone Mathematics #1

( Yes I am a math nerd :’)

So what’s the best play? As you can see , we have no way to win 100% sure. But we got to play with the maths here and risk. So first question, what’s the best play? You can answer out of instinct too , but the best answers are those who can bring me the chances for A) Win , B) Lose C) No one dies , meaning hunter plays and we lose ( If you think a draw can happen , you can put it out too ) . The difficulty is High , but I am cool to explain some Basic mathematics to everyone . I think its good for anyone to know some basic things with chances. Hearthstone Mathematics Difficulty 4.5/5

hearthstone mathematics 1In our hand we have:

[Arcane Missiles], and a pre-nerf [Leeroy Jenkins] (costing 4 mana).

You can check the solution right here!!