Hearthstone Mathematics #3 !

This exercise is about to find the best chance of winning. There is no 100% solution like puzzles nor you control the RNG like Scenarios. You have to find the solution based on pure mathematics ( or Instinct ) to get the lethal! So that exercise has 3 parts
  • Find all possible solutions for lethal.Choose the one you think it’s the best. Difficulty 1.5/5
  • Find the win percentage of one of the solutions , and pick your best shot for win . Difficulty 2.5/5
  • Find the exact percentages  for the solutions and which is the best to play . Difficulty 5/5
hearthstone mathematics #3 photo
 From left to right, these are the cards in our hand:
[Flame Juggler] who costs 4, [Animal Companion], and [Tracking].
The cards in our deck are: 1 [Tracking], 1 [Fiery Bat], 2 [Huge Toad], 2 [Loot Hoarder], 2 [Harvest Golem], 2 [Chillwind Yeti], 2 [Oasis Snapjaw], 1 [Leeroy Jenkins], 2 [Savannah Highmane], 2 [Call of the Wild], 1 [Ragnaros the Firelord], 1 [Ysera], and 1 [Deathwing].
The first three that solves the correct percentage on c) win a coaching hour for free! 🙂
If you wanna test your mathematical skills feel free to try out the c). If you don’t want to look up on your mathematics books ( Yeah yeah I know you hate them ) you can try for a) and b). Have fun guys! We gonna have a Puzzle soon for those that hate Mathematics! ( Mathematics is love , Mathematics is life!)
P.S Tag a friend at the comments for a chance for a random pack ! Feel free to also donate any code packs you have not used for future Puzzles :). Hero power is already used.
You can check the solution right here!