Hearthstone Mathematics Solution #4



The best way to have lethal is

1)Attack with

[Piloted Shredder] and Ping on face .

2) Use [Moat Lurker] on [Piloted Shredder]. And hope for a [Bluegill Warrior] , [Dire Wolf Alpha] , [Flametongue Totem] . Shredder drops 101 different minions , so its 3/101 or 2.97%.

If you pick to play 2x[Flame Juggler] the chances of winning are 1/7*1/7 = 1/49 which is 2.04% much worse than the first play!

Good job to everyone that found it! 😀

P.S There is another slim chance. Feel free to look for it if you want more challenge 🙂

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