Hearthstone Puzzle #13!

This one is a challenge guys!

  1. You have no card in your deck
  2. Andruin has 1 card in his deck
  3. You just took 5 damage from fatigue.
  4. We have to kill him this turn.
    Hearthstone Puzzle
    Difficulty 4.5/5

hearthstone puzzle #13 photo

From left to right, these are the cards we have in our hand:

[Totemic Might], [Lightning Bolt], [Earth Shock] x2, [Voodoo Doctor], [Flametongue Totem], [Raid Leader], [Bloodlust], [Darkscale Healer].

We control: A [Mana Tide Totem], a [Searing Totem], a [Healing Totem] and a [Stoneclaw Totem].

Our opponent controls: a [Northshire Cleric], a [Frostwolf Grunt], and an [Ironfur Grizzly].

You can check the solution right here!!