Hearthstone Puzzle #16!

This puzzle is unique cause it’s the first puzzle send by a fan! ( TD Maciel ty! ) You can send your puzzle ideas in a message to the page , and we will try to post it! So we got Warsong Commander from unstable portal , and we got to find a way to get lethal. How we do it? Hearthstone Puzzle Difficulty 3/5 !

 hearthstone puzzle 16 photo
From left to right, these are the cards we have in our hand:
The Coin, a pre-nerf Warsong Commander, which gives charge to every minion you  play and has 3 attack or less, Mana Addict, Shadow Word: Death, Flamecannon, Flamestrike,Time Rewinder which returns a friendly minion to your hand,Armor Plating which gives a minion +1 health, and Reversing Switch that swaps a minion’s Attack and Health.
We control an Abusive Sergeant.
Our opponent controls: Lorewalker Cho, Annoy-o-Tron, Sunwalker.
You can check the solution right here!!