Hearthstone Puzzle #21!

Priest probably feels safe with his taunt and 25 hp. But can you find a way for lethal? Good luck!  Difficulty 2.5/5

hearthstone puzzle 21 photo

From left to right, these are the cards we have in our hand:

[Al’Akir the Windlord], [Captain Greenskin], [Leeroy Jenkins], [Lightning Bolt], [Abusive Sergeant], [Youthful Brewmaster], [Rockbiter Weapon], [The Coin].

We control these minions; [Frostwolf Grunt], [Azure Drake], [Stoneclaw Totem], [Healing Totem], [Wrath of Air Totem].

Our opponent controls an [Abomination] and a [Ragnaros the Firelord].

You can check the solution right here!!