Hearthstone Puzzle #23!

Didn’t you love the pre-nerf leper gnomes? Me neither. Well here is a puzzle with those tricky guys we love to hate. How do you win this game? Can you find lethal?  Hearthstone Puzzle Difficulty 3/5

hearthstone puzzle solution #23 photo

From left to right, these are the cards that we have in our hand: [The Coin], [Hand of Protection] x2, [Humility], [Eye for an Eye], [Crazed Alchemist], [Argent Protector], [Crazed Alchemist], [Ironforge Rifleman], [Consecration].

On the board we have a [Wild Pyromancer]. Be careful our opponent controls 2 pre-nerfed [Leper Gnome], which have 2 attack each!

You can check the solution right here!!