Hearthstone Puzzle #24

Hearthstone Puzzle #24! An old classic puzzle that’s actually pretty tricky! Our opponent just drew his last card. How do we kill him this turn? Remember , we have the worst RNG possible. Do you spot the lethal? Difficulty 4/5

Hearthstone Puzzle #24

From left to right, there are the cards that we have in our hand:[Siphon Soul], [Shadow Bolt], [Shadowflame], [Defender of Argus], [Doomsayer], [Soulfire], [Faceless Manipulator], [The Coin].

Our opponent controls: 2x [Sylvanas Windrunner], a [Defender of Argus], [Bloodmage Thalnos], and an 5/4 [Ancient of War].

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You can also check the solution right here.