Hearthstone Puzzle #26

Back to puzzles with another one which is quite tricky. How we get lethal in this puzzle? Remember its puzzle so we have the worst RNG possible and we don’t control draws etc. We just need a 100% solution. Difficulty 3/5 Credits: Miak



These are the cards in our hand, from left to right: [The Coin],[Crazed Alchemist],[Wild Pyromancer],[Shadow Word: Death], [Abomination],[Holy Nova], [Cabal Shadow Priest], [Mind Control]

Cards in our side of board, from left to right: [Lightwell],[Auchenai Soulpriest],[Priestess of Elune],[Core Hound]

Cards in enemy’s board, from left to right [Young Priestess], [Sylvanas Windrunner],[Frostwolf Grunt],[Tauren Warrior],[Injured Blademaster]

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