Hearthstone Puzzle #29

How do we get lethal in this puzzle? Remember its a puzzle so we have to find a solution for every possible RNG and we don’t control draws etc. We just need a 100% solution. Our opponent has 0 cards in his hand and 24 in his deck while we have 9 cards in our hand and a deck with 2 cards only! So we have to win now or lose! Difficulty 3/5 Credits: Champion9f

Hearthstone puzzle-29

We control a [Shieldbearer] and we have these cards on our hand, from left to right:

[Wild Pyromancer], [Circle of Healing], [Holy Smite], [Leeroy Jenkins], [Circle of Healing], [Inner Fire], [Auchenai Soulpriest], [Shadow Word: Death]

Our Opponent controls:

2 [Northshire Cleric], a [Defender of Argus], and [Ragnaros the Firelord].

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