Hearthstone Puzzle #3!

You need to kill that priest this turn , but how ? Pretty difficult puzzle! Good luck! Hearthstone Puzzle Difficulty 5/5

hearthstone puzzle 3 photo

From left to right, we have these cards in our hand:

[The Coin], [Rockbiter Weapon], [Flametongue Totem], [Youthful Brewmaster], [Windfury], [Stormforged Axe], and [Elven Archer].

On the board we have: [Angry Chicken], [Wild Pyromancer], [Raging Worgen], and [Pint-Sized Summoner].
Our opponent controls these minions: [Raid Leader], [Malygos], [Defender of Argus], [Deathwing] and a [Stormwind Champion].

You can check the solution right here!!