Heartstone Puzzle #30

A milestone! 30 puzzles and 10 scenarios! Thanks a lot for your support all this 2 years + ! How do we get lethal in this puzzle? Remember it’s a puzzle so we have to find a solution for every possible RNG and we don’t have control over draws etc. We just need a 100% solution. Our opponent and us will draw one damage of fatigue! We both drew our last card! We have to win this turn or we lose! Find a way! Difficulty 3/5 Credits: tehstronk


Cards in Board : Acolyte of Pain, Stranglethorn Tiger, Questing Adventurer, Gurubashi Berserker
Cards in Hand : Wild Growth, Naturalize, Moonfire, Bluegill Warrior, Ragnaros the Firelord, Argent Commander
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