Hearthstone Puzzle #31

How do we get lethal in this puzzle? Remember it’s a puzzle so we have to find a solution for every possible RNG and we don’t have control over draws etc. We just need a solution that works 100%. DON’T FORGET! From now with each correct answer you win points! You compete for money prizes every month! Our opponent has one card left in his deck! And we have to win this turn! How do we do it? Credits: Catatafish
Difficulty 3/5 ( If you don’t know any of the cards scroll below.)

P.S Please don’t answer at the comments , send a message instead!

Hearthstone puzzle-31

From left to right, these are the cards in our hand: [Light of the Naaru], [Hemet Nesingwary], [Divine Spirit], [Clockwork Gnome], [Shrinkmeister], [Innervate], [Innervate], [Abusive Sergeant], [Youthful Brewmaster], [Cabal Shadow Priest].

We control a [Wolfrider] and a [Stonetusk Boar].

Our opponent controls these cards: [Temple Enforcer], [Defender of Argus], [Cult Master], [Big Game Hunter].

You can find more information about the Prizes here.

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