Hearthstone Puzzle #34

How do we get lethal in this puzzle? Remember it’s a puzzle so we have to find a solution for THE WORST RNG . We don’t have control over what cards do we draw etc. We just need a solution that works 100%. DON’T FORGET! From now with each correct answer you win points! You compete for money prizes every month! It’s a tricky puzzle with many calculations so be careful ! ( Keep counting till you find 29 ) Good luck everyone! Difficulty 4/5. Credits: MCMooshroo


From left to right, these are the cards in our Hand: [Inner Rage], [Revenge], [Rampage], [Kor’kron Elite], [Sparring Partner], 1 mana [Execute], [Cruel Taskmaster], [Shield Slam], [Grommash Hellscream].

We control a [Frothing Berserker], and an [Armorsmith]. We also have a [Death’s Bite] equiped with one charge left!

Our enemy controls an [Auchenai Soulpriest], a [Zombie Chow] with taunt, and an [Imp Gang Boss]

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