Hearthstone Puzzle #5!

So Jaina has 9 cards in her hand, so if you dont win now , You will lose next turn! How do you kill her? There are 2 solutions  but even getting one answer is pretty hard on this! Hearthstone Puzzle Difficulty 5/5

hearthstone puzzle 5 photo

From left to right, we have these cards in our hand:

King Mukla, Voodoo Doctor, Sap, Backstab x2, Shadowstep, Coldlight Oracle, Defender of Argus, pre-nerf Leeroy Jenkins costing 4 mana, Argent Commander.

We control: An Abomination, a Bloodsail Corsair, Gurubashi Berserker.

Our opponents controls: 2 Mogu'shan Warden, 2 Shieldbearer, a Silverback Patriarch, a Mirror Image, and Sylvanas Windrunner.


You can check one of the solutions right here!!