Hearthstone Puzzle #8!

We have to win this turn! Even if things seems quite complicated , we have a certain win here! How do we kill him this turn? Hearthstone Puzzle Difficulty 2.5/5 

hearthstone puzzle 8 photo

We control these cards:

[Malygos] with 4/4 stats, an [Auchenai Soulpriest], a [Healing Totem], and a 5/10 [Sylvanas Windrunner].

From left to right, these are the cards we have in our hand: [Mindgames], [Lorewalker Cho], [Mind Blast], [Ancestral Spirit], [Holy Smite], [Circle of Healing], [Youthful Brewmaster], a pre-nerf [Ironbeak Owl] which costs 2 mana, and [Rockbiter Weapon].

Our opponents controls these cards: a 10/10 [Ragnaros the Firelord] with taunt, [Defender of Argus], a 7/2 [Sylvanas Windrunner] with taunt, and a 7/3 [Fire Elemental] with taunt.

You can check the solution right here!!