Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #10

hearthstone puzzle 10 photos

  1. You heal yourself with [Voodoo Doctor] and then trade into the [Abomination].
  2. Now you have 2 hp and your opponent at 8.Then you steal the 3/3 [Lightspawn] with [Shadow Madness].
  3. You heal the [Lightspawn] with a [Voodoo Doctor] and you have 4 mana left.
  4. You play power word shield on [Lightspawn],and [Elven Archer] to his face.
  5. Silence the [Sen’jin Shieldmasta] with the (pre nerfed)[Ironbeak Owl]. Attack with the 7/7 [Lightspawn] and that’s Gg 🙂

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