Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #13

Hearthstone puzzle solution #13 photo

  1. Use [Totemic Might]
  2. [Raid Leader] (7 mana left) and trade [Stoneclaw Totem], [Healing Totem] and [Mana Tide Totem] with [Ironfur Grizzly].
  3. Trade [Searing Totem] with the [Frostwolf Grunt]. [Earth Shock] the [Raid Leader] (6 mana)
  4. [Darkscale Healer] ( 1 mana) he draws 5 cards.
  5. [Earth Shock] the [Mana Tide Totem], end turn.
  6. He draws 3 cards from [Healing Totem] and 1 card from his turn.
  7. Gg!

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