Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #22

Hearthstone puzzle 22 photo

  1. You play[Unleash the Hounds].
  2. [Hunter’s Mark] the [Armorsmith] and trade with the one hound.
  3. Your opponent now has 21 hp.Then [Hunter’s Mark] the 2/3 and [Arcane Shot] it.
  4. Now the [Frothing Berserker] has 5 attack, which trades with [Sylvanas Windrunner] to get the [Timber Wolf] and each minion you control will have one more attack.
  5. You have 7+3+3×2=16 with everything attacking face.
  6. Use [Big Game Hunter] on the [Savannah Highmane] summoning one  3/2 hyenna with charge.
  7. You attack with it and you use hero power.16+5=21.
  8. Gg 🙂

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