Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #23

hearthstone puzzle solution 23
So here is the Puzzle Solution:

  1. You use the 2 [Crazed Alchemist]s on the 2 Leper Gnomes.
  2. [Humility] into the 0/4 taunt and trade your [Wild Pyromancer] (he dies).
  3. Play [The Coin] (6 mana left).
  4. [Hand of Protection] on both [Leper Gnome] and then use [Consecration] and kill Gul’dan.
  5. Gg 🙂

This Puzzle Solution might not be the only one so feel free to reach us anytime. We would be more than glad to hear your ideas and even maybe work together on a new Hearthstone Riddle!
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