Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #24


Hearthstone Puzzles #24 puzzle solution

So here is the solution everyone :

  • You trade the [Twilight Drake] into the [Ancient of War].
  • Then you suicide the [Sunfury Protector] into a [Sylvanas Windrunner].
  • After that you play the [Doomsayer] and you copy [Bloodmage Thalnos] with [Faceless Manipulator].
  • You trade your [Inferno] into one [Sylvanas Windrunner] (the one with 6 health) and kill the other one with [Shadow Bolt].
  • Having used 10 mana, we managed to give our opponent a [Doomsayer] and a second [Bloodmage Thalnos]. So in the next turn he will take 1+2+3=6 damage from fatigue.
  • We attack with the weapon and use [The Coin] to play [Soulfire] to his face. That accounts for 6+4+3=13 damage. GG 🙂

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