Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #27

Hearthstone puzzle 27

So the Solution goes like this:

  • Use [Hunter’s Mark] on one [Savannah Highmane] and play [Emperor Cobra] which has charge due to the [Tundra Rhino].
  • We trade the [Emperor Cobra] into the [Savannah Highmane] that has 5 health, we play [Timber Wolf] and we attack face with the [Tundra Rhino] for 3 damage. (We have 6 mana and our opponent has 18 life)
  • Trade the [Timber Wolf] with the other [Savannah Highmane]. Now 2 beasts have died.
  • Use [Unleash the Hounds] and get 4 wolves that trade into the Hyenas without killing anything. (7 beasts have died so far).
  • Play [Mind Control Tech] and take control of a Hyena, that has 2 attack and charge.
  • Our [Scavenging Hyena] has 2+6×2=14 attack and we attack face with it, as well as with the Hyena that [Mind Control Tech] gave us. This accounts for 6 damage.( Opponent has 2 more hp. )
  • We use [The Coin]x2 and kill him with [Steady Shot]!