Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #30


Hearthstone puzzle-30

So the solution goes like this:

  • [Moonfire] the [Acolyte of Pain]. Use hero power and attack him. (2 draws)
  • Play [Bluegill Warrior] and attack the [Acolyte of Pain]. (3 draws and +2 for the [Questing Adventurer])
  • Play both [Wild Growth] and also draw the extra card.( You stay with 1 hp and [Questing Adventurer] gets another +4)
  • Attack face with the [Gurubashi Berserker] and then [Naturalize] him.
    (5 draws + one from the start of your opponent’s turn. Also the [Questing Adventurer] is now 9/9)
  • Attack face with [Questing Adventurer].
  • That accounts for 21(6 draws)+ 9([Questing Adventurer] + 2[Gurubashi Berserker]=32 damage!

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