Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #31

Hearthstone puzzle-31

So the solution goes like this:

  • Use [Shrinkmeister] on the [Big Game Hunter].
  • Steal him with [Cabal Shadow Priest] and then return him to you hand with the [Youthful Brewmaster].
  • Play the double [Innervate] and go to 6 mana.
  • Play the [Big Game Hunter] and destroy the [Temple Enforcer].
  • Trade the [Wolfrider] into the [Cult Master].
  • Play [Abusive Sergeant] into the [Stonetusk Boar]. Attack with the [Stonetusk Boar] face.
  • You opponent drew a card when the [Temple Enforcer] died, due to the effect of [Cult Master]. So after you finish your turn he takes one damage from fatigue. Gg

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