Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #32

Hearthstone Puzzle 32

So the solution goes like this:

  1. Place [Flametongue Totem]s one in between one on the left side.
  2. Attack with the 5/4 [Flying Machine] on either [Grove Tender]/ [Acolyte of Pain] then [Lord of the Arena] / [Evil Heckler].
  3. [Reincarnate] one of the two totems so it summons on the right.
  4. Attack [Acolyte of Pain]/[Grove Tender] then [Evil Heckler] / [Lord of the Arena].
  5. Place [Stonetusk Boar] in between the two totems.
  6. [Windfury] + [Rockbiter Weapon] onto boar and go face twice.
  7. GG 🙂

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