Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #33


So the solution goes like this:

  • Trade the [Unstable Ghoul] into [Sylvanas Windrunner]. [Sylvanas Windrunner] steals [Wrathguard].
  • Play the [Dragon Egg]. After that play the [Unstable Ghoul] and kill it with [Darkbomb]. You control one 2/1 Whelp and you opponent controls a 4/2 [Wrathguard], and 4 [Grim Patron], one with 1 Health, 1 with 2 Health and 2 with 3 Health.
  • Use [Elven Archer] on a [Grim Patron] with 3 Health and play the [Wisp]. That summons another [Grim Patron]. There are 10 minions in the board and you have 4 mana remaining.
  • Summon the [Sea Giant] for free and use [Shadowflame]. You opponent takes damage from the [Wrathguard] (1+8=9)
  • Use [The Coin] to play [Soulfire] into his face. [Fist of Jaraxxus] is played for free. The total amount of damage is 9+8=17.
  • Gg.

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