Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #34


There are mutliple solutions to this puzzle. Here is one of them:

  • Play [Cruel Taskmaster] and [Inner Rage] on the [Frothing Berserker]. (You have  1 life and 2 armor from [Armorsmith] and [Frothing Berserker] is 8/2.
  • Play [Rampage] on [Frothing Berserker]. He is now an 11/5 minion.
  • Play [Revenge], dealing 3 damage to all minions. You gain the armor from the [Armorsmith] before the 5 damage from the [Zombie Chow] (remember the [Auchenai Soulpriest]) so you survive with 1 hp. [Frothing Berserker] is now 17/2.
  • Play [Kor’kron Elite] and the attack face with [Death’s Bite]. You opponent has 25 hp and [Frothing Berserker] is 23/1.
  • Attack face with [Kor’kron Elite] and [Frothing Berserker]. To sum up, you deal 4+4+23=31 damage.
  • Gg 🙂

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