Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #35

We have to make a branch for this solution. The random factor of [Flamecannon] and [Arcane Missiles] will determine our play.

  • Use [Flamecannon]. You have 8 mana left and [Mana Wyrm] gets 2/3.
      • Ιf it hits [Sylvanas Windrunner]:
        1. Attack [Deathlord] with [Mana Wyrm]. [Mana Wyrm] is 2/1, and [Deathlord] is 2/6.
        2. Use [Fireblast] on [Sylvanas Windrunner]. [Mana Wyrm] is stolen, and we have 6 mana left.
        3. Play [Fireball] on [Deathlord]. We have 2 mana left, and [Malygos] comes in play.
        4. Summon [Sorcerer’s Apprentice] for remaining 2 mana. Play both [Arcane Missiles] for 16 damages (15 face + 1 on [Mana Wyrm])
      • If it hits [Deathlord]:
        • play one [Arcane Missiles]. We have 7 mana left and [Mana Wyrm] is 3/3
          • if no missile hits [Deathlord]
            1. Use [Fireblast] on [Deathlord]. We have 5 mana left. Attack with [Mana Wyrm] into the [Deathlord]. [Deathlord] dies and [Malygos] comes into play. Total remaining health is 15+5 -3=17(Accounting both [Sylvanas Windrunner] and our opponent’s Health.
            2. [Fireball] face for 11 damages. We have 1 mana left.
            3. Play [Arcane Missiles]. We deal enough damage for killing [Sylvanas Windrunner] and winning the game.
          • If one or two missiles hit [Deathlord]:
            1. Same as above without using our hero power. We deal enough damage as fireball + missile with malygos is 19 damage.
          • If three missiles hit [Deathlord]:
            1. Use [Fireblast] on [Deathlord].
            2. [Fireball] + attack face with [Mana Wyrm] should be sufficient.

This puzzle requires us to take the RNG into account, in order to win 100%. You can check something similar here!