Hearthstone Puzzle Solution #8

hearthstone puzzle 8 photo

  1. You play[Mind Blast] and [Holy Smite] to the enemy’s face for 3 mana and 16 damage.
  2. Then you silence you opponents [Sylvanas Windrunner] with the [Ironbeak Owl],you use [Youthful Brewmaster] to the [Ironbeak Owl],and then silence your [Malygos].
  3. Play [Circle of Healing] and trade your [Sylvanas Windrunner] to the [Ragnaros the Firelord]. [Sylvanas Windrunner] steals [Ragnaros the Firelord] and you have another 8 damage.
  4. Use [Rockbiter Weapon] your hero and attack face.
  5. Gg 🙂

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