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Hearthstone Puzzles ProfileHello my name is Faraz Barmpar and I am the creator of the Hearthstone Puzzles. The main idea is to have fun while getting better at Hearthstone. Just like in Chess , and other Card games , Puzzles are a way to relax and to also strain your brain. After having quite a few people asking for a site, we created that site to be easier for the users to find solutions or even more stuff faster , with just few clicks. Enjoy your time , and feel free to contact for any improvement you would suggest , or simply to tell your opinion about the page/site. Thanks for your time and happy solving!


We are looking for more people to join our team! You can send us a message right here! You can send a message on our facebook page. Else you can send an email at fkishadow@hotmail.com.