Hearthstone Riddle Solution #1

Hearthstone Riddle #1

The unknown factor that we need for lethal is how many cards he has in his hands. He might have 0 , 1 , 2 cards etc or even 10 . We must find a solution for each.

If he has 0 cards)

[King Mukla], [Shadowstep] on Mukla , play him again , [Shadowstep] again , and play him a 3rd time so our opponent has 6 cards. After that use [Preparation] and [Vanish]. N’Zoth goes to hand cause he came at play first and 3 [Abomination]s. The rest 3 die because they can’t return to a full hand and their Deathrattle triggers.

1 card) [King Mukla] x2 , [Grove Tender] he has 6 cards again, [Preparation] and [Vanish].

2/3/4/5 cards) You just use the right amount of [Grove Tender] and [King Mukla] so he gets to 6 cards. Thats the Goal and after that [Preparation] and [Vanish]

6 cards) [Preparation] and [Vanish] simply.

7 cards) [Refreshment Vendor] and now druid has 10 health and we have 12. We use [Grove Tender] Druid gets to 8 cards. You use [Preparation] and [Vanish] and 5 [Abomination]s Die. You stay alive with 2.

8 cards) [Refreshment Vendor] and [Vanish]. 5 [Abomination] die and we stay alive with 2.

9 cards) [Refreshment Vendor] you [Sap] one [Abomination] and then [Preparation] and [Vanish] . 5 [Abomination]s die , you stay alive with 2 health

10 cards) You [Alexstrasza] yourself , you [Backstab] one [Abomination] and [Sap] another. The one you sapped dies and does 2 damage to everything plus the 1 that has already 2 health. That one dies and kills all 6 [Abomination]s . You stay alive with 3.


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