Hearthstone Riddles #1

Hearthstone Riddles #1. In contrast to Puzzles, Riddles do not provide you with all the information you need . But, there will always be an answer to the Riddle, that works 100%, despite the information that is missing. There is a factor that is unknown and you need to figure out a solution for every possible situation. In this Riddle , we have 10 cards remaining in our deck and so does the enemy druid. Our remaining Deck has NO useful card to help us, so anything we draw is irrelevant. Our enemy just played N’Zoth and summoned 6 Abominations. How we get Lethal this turn without dying? What information are you missing and how you can get lethal for every possible situation?

Hearthstone Riddles 1

The cards in our Hand are

[Vanish], [Alexstrasza], [Preparation], [Grove Tender], [Refreshment Vendor], [Shadowstep], [King Mukla], [Backstab], [Shadowstep], [Sap]

Cards in the Board are [Abomination], [N’Zoth, the Corruptor]

 P.S The trick is to find a solution for ANY possible Cards in his hand. 0 cards , 1 ,  2 , 3 etc… even 10!