Hearthstone Scenario #3!

So for everyone new to the page this exercise is different than the puzzles, it’s not about calculation or playing the right cards , its about having a great imagination. No limitations ,you can use any cards and you just give a possible solution. It’s like those times where you wish you would had an awesome

[Unstable Portal], or a great [Thoughtsteal]!
We have 2 mana, one card at our hand that costs 2 mana, and we have to find a way to kill shaman this turn or we lose to fatigue. ( So you got to do 16 damag this turn , win without clicking ” end turn ” , Cause people seemed confused )
Have fun everyone! Hearthstone Scenario Difficulty 4.5/5

hearthstone scenario 3 photo

We just control a [Mana Tide Totem].

You can check the solution right here!!