Hearthstone Scenario #4!

Well we just drew a target dummy ( don’t ask why) BUT we have 2 more cards in deck , and there is a way , to kill that druid! Can you find the answer? Remember its a scenario so you control the RNG , Good luck everyone!
Few notes : 1) We have 2 cards left in our deck
2) druid has 10 cards left in his deck

Iron Juggernaut and Coldlight Oracle are banned cards , don’t use them on solution
4) We got to kill him before his turn.

Hearthstone Scenario Difficulty 4/5

hearthstone scenario 4 photo

We have pretty much only the Target Dummy, and an Acolyte of Pain.

Our opponent controls: Druid of the Claw, Sludge Belcher, a Piloted Sky Golem, Sunfury Protector, Mountain Giant

You can check the solution right here!!