Hearthstone Scenario #5

Hearthstone Scenario #5! So for everyone new to the page this exercise is different than the puzzles , it’s not about calculation or playing the right cards , its about having a great imagination! People said to me ” come on dude youre puzzles too ez” and i was *TRIGGERED* So there you go ! How can you kill the enemy lock? Is there a way with cards costing 0 mana? ( Cost of the cards are 0 , no thaurissan or millhouse , or anything , NOTHING at all )
So there will be a price this time , If you SIMPLY tag a friend at the comments you get a chance to 3 free pack codes! ( Classic packs )! And for the first 3 that get the correct answer , you get 1 hour of free coaching , that you can either gift , or use it your self at gamersensei! Good luck guys , it’s really hard and you got to look for it a lot! Difficulty 4.5/5

Hearthstone Scenario 5 photo
Banned cards:

[Emperor Thaurissan] / [Millhouse Manastorm] / [Preparation] : Those cards on your hand are 0 COST CARDS not higher that have been reduced.

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