Hearthstone Scenario #6

Scenarios are exercises of imagination so you are in full control of RNG and what can happen. You can have any card and any random effect is in your control. What card do you need to have lethal this turn? Druid just drew his LAST card. How do you kill him with a 1 mana card and doomsayer? Remember , this card basic cost is 1 mana , not a card that has been reduced by Thaurissan , Preparation etc. Difficulty 3/5. For more challenge find an answer that does even more than 31 damage! ( Difficulty 4/5 )

Hearthstone Scenario 6
Banned cards:
[Emperor Thaurissan] / [Preparation] : Those cards on your hand are 1 COST CARDS not higher that have been reduced.
Cards in hand : Hidden , [Doomsayer]
Cards in Board: [Searing Totem] , [Stoneclaw Totem] , [Healing Totem], [Wrath of Air Totem], [Argent Horserider] , [Sen’jin Shieldmasta]
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