Hearthstone Scenario #8

Scenarios are exercises of imagination so you are in full control of RNG and what can happen. You can have any card and any random effect is in your control. What card do you need to have lethal this turn? Warlock has no cards and his hand and his fatigue damage will be 1. How do you kill him with 10 mana and 2 cards ? Difficulty 4/5.

Hearthstone Scenario 8

Banned cards:
[Emperor Thaurissan] /[Preparation] / [C’Thun] / [Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End]  / Αny other non hunter / neutral card : Those cards on your hand have not been reduced by any card.
Cards in hand : Hidden
Cards in your Board: [Pint-Sized Summoner], [Mana Wraith]
Cards in enemy Board: [Bolf Ramshield], [Sunwalker]
You can check the solution right here!