Hearthstone Scenario #9


Friday’s Hearthstone Scenario #9 Scenarios are exercises of imagination so you are in full control of RNG and what is possible to happen. How do you kill him before you END TURN with 8 mana and a

Flamestrike? The Difficulty is 3/5. Banned cards: Emperor Thaurissan / Preparation / Yogg-Saron, Hope's End /C'Thun. Also it’s in Wild Format.

Hearthstone Scenario-9

We own a Flamestrike in our hand and our opponent controls 7 Moat Lurkers. When they die they can summon whatever we want! (This is a Scenario after all.)

You can make it even harder for a 4.5/5 Difficulty if you:

  1. Find a solution with over 100+ damage.
  2. Find a solution with over 150 damage.
  3. Find a solution with over 250 damage.

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