Hearthstone Scenario Solution #10

Hearthstone scenario-10

We have 2 solutions and maybe there are even more!

  1. Cards in our hand: [Brawl], [Ancestor’s Call], [Ragnaros the Firelord]
  2. We trade the [Sorcerer’s Apprentice] into the [Goldshire Footman]
  3. We play [Ancestor’s Call] for 3 mana. Our opponents summons [Majordomo Executus], and we summon [Ragnaros the Firelord].
  4. Cast [Brawl] and after [Ragnaros the Firelord] is alive, our opponent loses all of his armor and stays with 8hp, due to [Majordomo Executus].

The second solution has many available paths, after this specific one:

  1. Cards in our hand: [Unstable Portal], [Unstable Portal], [Cabalist’s Tome].
  2. We use [Unstable Portal] for 1 mana and get another [Sorcerer’s Apprentice]. We play the [Sorcerer’s Apprentice] and then the second [Unstable Portal] for 0 mana into another [Sorcerer’s Apprentice].
  3. We have 6 mana left and the [Cabalist’s Tome] costs only 2. We play the [Cabalist’s Tome] and we get 2 x[Unstable Portal] and another [Cabalist’s Tome].
  4. After that, we play the 2 [Unstable Portal]s for free, and get another 2 [Sorcerer’s Apprentice], and play them as well.
  5. As you can understand we can manipulate the RNG in each way possible, so we can get [Fireball], [Fireball], [Cabalist’s Tome] and stuff like that, from each [Cabalist’s Tome] that we play.