Hearthstone Scenario Solution #11


So congratulations to everyone who solved this! This was a pretty hard scenario to be honest. And probably the best way to start our Top Solvers Reward system!

Hearthstone scenario-11

So the solution goes like this:

  1. Play the [Acolyte of Pain] and ping him.
  2. Draw [Flame Leviathan]. The two [Leper Gnome]s die, and you opponent has 1 hp left.
  3. As [Flame Leviathan] damages the [Acolyte of Pain], you draw your last card which is [Moonfire].
  4. [Moonfire] Rexxar to win the game!

[Flame Leviathan] could get into our deck with many ways. One of them could be that our opponent played [Nexus-Champion Saraad], he got an [Unstable Portal] that gave him [Flame Leviathan]. After that a [Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End], could [Entomb] [Flame Leviathan] into our deck.

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