Hearthstone Scenario Solution #2

Hearthstone scenario 2 photo

  1. You trade the
    [Armorsmith] with your [Northshire Cleric] and then play [Circle of Healing] for 3 draw
  2. You draw 2 [Mindgames] and one [Mad Bomber].
  3. Mind games summon a [Tundra Rhino] and a [Gahz’rilla].
  4. You play [Mad Bomber] and he hits 3 times the [Gahz’rilla](of course you can do that after all this fanfare)
  5. [Gahz’rilla] has 48 damage and 2 from the [Tundra Rhino] accounts for 50.(He has 2 extra life from the trade)

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