Hearthstone Scenario Solution #9


Hearthstone Scenario-9

So for the 100+ solution:

  • You play
    [Flamestrike] and you summon 7 Voltron.
  • This accounts for 16×7=112 damage!

For the 250+ solution:

  • [Flamestrike] Summons 4 [Sorcerer’s Apprentice], [Archmage Antonidas], [Maiden of the Lake], and a [Clockwork Gnome].
  • You use the Hero Power on the [Clockwork Gnome], and after that you play the Spare part.
  • [Archmage Antonidas] gives you a [Fireball], which costs 0-mana, and then you got UNLIMITED POWER!!

The solution for 150+ damage is open to each one of you. Feel free to contact us for the answer!

You can always check more of Scenarios, puzzles and mathematics.





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