Know your Hearthstone Streamers!

A deep insight in the twitch’s hall of fame by the eyes of “Epicistis”

After its formation in 2011, became a large broadcasting platform for thousands of players across the world. Nowadays, anyone with a stable internet connection and a decent computer can establish their own channel, without having excessive technical knowledge. They can advertise their skill on a game or an art form, or their entertainment abilities, on camera. Hearthstone is no exception to this battle of impression. And because of its nature, it has become one of the most famous games to be viewed on Twitch, almost always being in the first three channels in terms of viewer numbers.

There are literally hundreds of hearthstone streamers and it is impossible to view each one of them. But there are some names that ought to be known even by a common player. Who knows? By reading this article you may discover a new favorite!

Arena Streamers

arena-hearthstone streamers

These streamers are well known for their Arena skills. They mostly finish having more than 10 wins and because of this, a large percentage of their enormous collection is, in fact free-to-play. It is believed that by watching these streamers the arena abilities of a player can be greatly improved.


Real name: Octavian Morosan

Alias: Kripp, King of dust, Kripperino

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 887k

Let’s start with the king of Arena streamers the well-known Kripparian. He is one of the best arena players, having the strength to complete many arenas in a single stream. He is so dedicated to the arena mode that he rarely ranks up highly. Just imagine that the first time he reached legend, was in 2015. He analyzes his arena plays and also pays very close attention when he drafts, taking risks in order to create new arena strategies. Every single day he makes a new video about hearthstone, making people look at certain aspects of the game differently. He is also infamous for his ‘’big red button’’. Kripp’s big red button is his ‘’disenchant extra cards button’’ which is 6 digits long (more than 300k dust that’s for sure.) Legends say that Blizzard’s servers will crash the day he collects his dust.



Real name: Jason Chan

Alias: Scamaz

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 737k

If Kripp is the king of arena Amaz is the prince. He reaches a high number of wins quite easily, while he never leaves an arena pick unjustified. He tilts quite easily with a bit of humor which attracts his viewers. Also, he is well known for his pack-opening fiestas during a new expansion release. (He opens more than 400 packs).


Adwcta and Merps (conjoined stream)

Real names: Haiwei and Yan

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 36k

Let’s admit it… We all use programs that help us build Arena drafts. Adwcta and Merps are the creators of HearthArena, the number one Arena Consulting program. They have a common stream channel and they share the schedule. They have a nice atmosphere on their stream and they are comfortable with all nine classes. After all, with their wits and skill they have created the best arena tool, so it is wise to learn directly from the source.



Real name: Rumay Wang

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 425k

Hafu is considered one of the best female arena players in the world. Just for the record, she managed to get 85 wins in 10 arena runs in the 100 in 10 arena challenge, a record that was not beaten easily. She manages to get wins out of really tough situations. Many times you can find her making conjoined streams with Eloise.



Real name: Harry Cheong

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 292k

MaSsan is another great arena player, who values card advantage as a very important factor in order to win the game. His streams gather many viewers, creating a relaxing atmosphere. He was accused of viewbotting once, although whether it was true or not is still not confirmed.

Ladder streamers

kolento-hearthstone streamers


High in the mountains of top 200 legend where matches are lost or won by a single misplay or top deck, the viewers will find some of the best players in the world. These players compete in tournaments regularly and have amassed a small fortune by their earnings. Their names are well known by thousands and their teachings have made millions of players get to the high ranks. Wish to improve your gameplay in ladder or to get a few bucks in a strivewire tournament? These are your mentors.



Real name: Aleksandr Malsh

Alias: The Freeze mage God

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 372k

If anyone would ask random people in a hearthstone gathering to name a professional hearthstone player, many will automatically say Kolento. This is no surprise, as Kolento regularly finishes high in tournaments and in ladder. In fact there is not a single season that he is not at high spots of legend. Plus, he values the deck building aspect and carefully, focused high-level play, much more than pure entertainment and giggles. He is one of the few players that have reached the Hearthstone World Championship in 2014, when he finished in the top 8. His favorite decks are Freeze mage and miracle rogue the latter of which, he’s also the creator of.



Real name: Jeffrey Shih

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 745k

One of the patriarchs of the professional hearthstone scene is no other than Trump. A great analyst during his matches, without forgetting to be entertaining. He has also made a series on Youtube, known as Trump Basic Teachings that are very helpful for new players. Although he has received much negative criticism because of some peculiar on-stream happenings, Trump doesn’t seem to be affected. And he is right, as his success speaks for itself.



Real name: Thijs Molendijk

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 198k

This player is well-known as a guaranteed finalist in high-level tournaments. Another one of the few players that have participated in a world championship (the one of 2015) and finished top 4 which is a tremendous success. His cold efficiency and never ending focus make him a really dangerous opponent. The Deep Blue of Hearthstone… This is Thijs. Ideal for players who aim for tournament play.



Real name: Janne Mikkonen

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 246k

This handsome lad is a good streamer and a well-known caster. He has good records in tournaments (6/10 has finished in 1st place). His streams are usually lengthy so there is a high chance that you will find him online.



Real name: Tang Haiyun

Alias: Aliv

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 182k

Although cheerful and cute, don’t be fooled! Eloise is a high-caliber player while she manages to make her viewers enjoy their time in her channel. She makes well-calculated plays, though her difficulty in the English language makes her feel awkward sometimes. This is not a problem, as her smile makes the viewers understand her immediately.



Real name: Adrian Koy

Alias: Ropecoach

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 155k

This streamer will teach you one of the most important things in Hearthstone…and in life in general. The art of patience.  Lifecoach does not hesitate to analyze every single one of his plays for the full duration of the turn (starting from turn one.) And because of this, his matches are quite lengthy. In his channel, you will learn how to properly analyze through all of your cards. And believe me, this will save you from many misplays in your own matches. He is also well-known for his tilting when he misplays or loses in a very dramatic way. What is his least favorite card you ask? Nozdormu of course. Kappa.



Real name: Cong Shu

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 163k

Very talented player and very lovable from the community. He mains control decks. He is one of the few players that analyzes his plays after the game finishes.



Real name: Andrey Yanyuk

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 470k

A strong player, a veteran from the father of all card games ‘’Magic the Gathering’’. Owner of Tempostorm one of the most reliable websites in terms of the meta state. Although he is not very analytic about his plays, his silent game style helps those who get distracted easily.



Real name: Jeffrey Brusi

Alias: The Warrior God(self-proclaimed)

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 150k

After retiring from the Starcraft universe, SjoW came to the fields of hearthstone. He immediately made a name for himself finishing high legend in every season. Just to understand how seriously he takes the competitive scene, when he was 1400 legend, he named his stream ‘’climbing from the dumpster’’. As his alias says, he is a strong control warrior player and he gives his full potential on the stream. A good alternative if you wish to see some high-level competitive gameplay.



Real name: Dylan Mullins

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 80K

One of the most well-known achievements of Hotform is his 2nd place finish in the World championship of 2015. He mainly plays Druid. His stream is really enjoyable because besides from analyzing his plays, he interacts directly with the chat which is something rare for a big stream.



Real name: David Caero

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 171k

Dog himself states that his stream is educational, although it’s not lacking time for leisure. He finishes high legend almost every season. His plays are efficient and he manages to climb the ladder really quick. Very few hearthstone streamers can do that.



Real name: Dima Radu

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 51k

A strong competitive player who has participated literally in a ton of tournaments and has finished in high places. Full of analyzing spirit.

Unique/for very specific audience Streamers

forsen-kappa-hearthstone streamers

In this category, there are some streamers that are very good in terms of skill,but they have such unique characteristics that they deserve their own category. Ideal to watch while you are alone at a cold winter night and your computer is your only friend.



Real name: Dawid Skalski

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 83k

This player is the love of priest players. He rarely switches class, as he is strictly dedicated to Priest. He is considered one of the best to learn from in this class. Plus, He has reached legend in every single season and I think this is enough to trust him.

Brian Kibler

Real name: Brian Kibler

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 171k

A well-known player and designer in the TCG franchise is Brian Kibler. His stream includes mostly dragon decks because, as he states, ‘’he likes dragons very much’’. His laugh can only be surpassed by Ben Brode’s . Do you wish to become a dragon master? Brian is your man.

Disguised Toast

Real name: Unknown

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 86k

Gimmicky decks, crazy combos and combinations, myth busting and unique sightings on the Hearthstone board are the contents of Disguised Toast’s stream. One of the most mysterious players in the community, no one knows how he looks like or what his name is. This creator (as his streaming ability comes second regarding his contribution to the HS community) can really change the way you think about the game. Also, you will have a lot of fun.



Real name: Sebastian Fors

Alias: Dad,Prince of Miracoli

Twitch Channel:

Average number of followers: 544k

I don’t even know from where to start with this guy. Hundreds of songs have been written in his name and no one can read his chat as it is bombarded by tons of messages every minute. One of the most well-known members of the community, he brings fun and joy to thousands of viewers every day. He has coined several terms such as ‘’never lucky’’ and ‘’one damage off lethal’’. One of the main protagonists of ‘’Radio Kappa’’ series and also well-known conqueror of women’s hearts. His snus and energy drinks are his permanent companions. There is no chance that someone will not visit his channel at least once.


And here, my fellow gamers, the curtain of the epilogue falls… I know that many hearthstone streamers are not mentioned but as you can understand, the names are way too many to be included in one article. Do you wish for a second part? Let me know in the comments!

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