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Hello again everyone, today we are going to be talking about another incredibly strong being in the Warcraft lore, which is [Malfurion Stormrage]. While in Hearthstone this is not obvious, Malfurion is one of the strongest mortal beings that ever lived, and he is over 1000 years old!

After a brief mention of Malfurion’s lore, we are going to talk about the Druid class in Hearthstone, and how Blizzard decided to implement this class’ powers into cards!




Class Druid

Malfurion Stormrage was the first night elf druid, and initiated the mainstream use of druidism among the night elven people ten millennia ago under tutelage of the demigod Cenarius.

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Malfurion was the most dedicated Disciple of [Cenarius], the demi god. Along with his twin brother, [Illidan Stormrage] and his, later wife, Tyrande( Last Priest Hero!), they were the three disciples of [Cenarius]. Through Malfurion’s guidance, the night elves managed to successfully halt the Burning Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth during the War of the Ancients. The war ended with the Well of Eternity blasted the supercontinent of Kalimdor apart.

After that he became the world’s Greatest Archdruid, forever guiding the night elves through difficult times. He sailed with [Cenarius]  and Tyrande, to the land that was going to become Kalimdor, in order to find their people a new home. Malfurion sought help from the Aspects ([Alexstrasza], the Life-Binder,  [Nozdormu], the Timeless, and [Ysera], the Dreamer), in order to protect the night elves and prevent a second coming of the Burning Legion.

To this end, the World Tree, Nordrassil war created, which they pledged to use to protect the Well of Eternity and the night elves themselves. Through the tree, [Ysera] would slowly rebuild the world. However, to maintain the Emerald Dream, she needed consciousnesses to roam its eternal pathways. To sustain it, all the druids agreed to sleep for centuries at a time, despite the years they would lose, and be linked to the Emerald Dream forever.

Druid Class – A brief description about the concept and it’s powers

savage-roar druid class

Druids are keepers of the world who walk the path of nature, following the wisdom of the Ancients and [Cenarius], healing and nurturing the world. To druids, nature is a delicate balance of actions in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies. Druids draw their power from this natural energy, using it to change their shapes and command the forces of nature.

Druid is the most versatile class that there is, in Warcraft World. They can be equally good at nuking targets, tanking damage, dealing tons of damage, as well as healing! These abilities are based upon [Shapeshift], the most known Druid Power. By becoming a Bear, their tanking abilities can compete with a Warrior’s. By Becoming a Cat, their damaging abilities can compete with those of a Rogue!

So the main aspects of the Druid class are:

  • Balance: A specialization that focuses on spell casting and nuking your opponents
  • Feral: The aspect of transforming, mainly on a Bear or a Cat, for the fights purpose. Each transformation has its own unique powers.
  • Restoration: The healing aspect of the Druid that is not to be taken lightly!


Druid’s Powers in Relation to Hearthstone Cards


The “Choose One” Mechanism: For me, one of the most brilliant ideas of Blizzard in Hearthstone. This is a perfect way to demonstrate flexibility in a class, without limitations on the card design. The choose one cards are always a bit worse than their comparisons( [Wrath]= worst than [Frostbolt] or just a [Mortal Coil]), but the versatility offers an aspect of great power, in a card game, when your resources are always limited. This mechanism represents the Druid class perfectly, while considering that [Shapeshift] is his main power ( Something between [Armor Up!] and [Dagger Mastery] )

Balance Druid


wrath druid class

Balance Druid is about damaging your opponents with pure spell power. While this card is a control tool, it is one of the best Hearthstone cards ever created. It falls into the same category as [Frostbolt] or [Fiery War Axe]. But what makes this card unique is its versatility. It is clearly not as powerful as the cards mentioned above, but its power lies in the remove/draw.

Druid IS the most versatile class in the game, and this is a perfect way to describe it. Not an overpowered card, but it will run in most Druid decks, ever to be created.




starfire druid class

Pure damaging power by the Druid Class. This card may not see much play, due to its high cost, but I want to focus on the aspect of the reason it was created. Druid will never be as powerful as a mage or a shaman, when it comes to spell power. He will have some situational tools to deal with situations ( Sometimes you may pick [Starfire] through a [Raven Idol]), but he will not be and should not be equal to a mage, for example. Because he has an unbelievably big variety of tools!

This card could be better, game-wise, but it is perfect lore-wise.




Feral Druid



We can see the elegant factor of the “Choose One” mechanism right here. A 3/2 with no effect ( with the beast tag, though) is not worth 2 mana, but the +1/+1 on all minions might give some crazy value. A card that will always see play, just because of [Innervate] and mainly [Violet Teacher], that both are in the Classic Set.

Most of Druid’s cards have this design. They are tool that have a good potential, and not that bad of a drop down, in the worst scenario. I really really like this design. And I believe that is why Druid will always be a playable class in Hearthstone.





This card is from the Latest Card Set. But it is such a well designed card that I cannot ignore it. The interesting thing here is the margin of the outcome of your choice, when playing this card. It is a 4 damage attack( 5 with hero power), and on the other side you gain 8 Armor!! This means that you can remove a 4 health minion, or establish that you won’t die next turn in order to get a combo going! ([Malygos] druid for example).

The fact that you can get this out of [Raven Idol] is even more amazing. This card will probably be on any Druid deck, at least a single copy, while it has mind-blowing synergies with [Arcane Giant] and of course our favorite [Fandral Stanghelm]



Restoration/Healing Druid


While this card is clearly overshadowed by [Feral Rage], and it is actually far worse, it demonstrates the Healing Aspect of a Druid. This card will see play, when [Feral Rage] rolls out of the Standard meta. Compared to the healing of a Priest, it lacks value. But again we need to consider the fact that Druid has so so many tools!

I think this is a well designed card that make see itself into some decks, when the meta slows down and [Feral Rage] is out.






You did not expect that, did you? Yes [Wild Growth], one of the cards that makes Druid a viable class in Hearthstone is a Restoration Spell! This spell does not heal. This spell RAMPS UP! There are several connections here that need to be explained though.

In World of Warcraft, Wild Growth is a spell that Heals over Time. A pretty common spell, actually. Healing over time gives the Druid the ability to be less concerned about his low hp for the time being, while he focuses on doing things that will help him in a different way. So, in a way, Druid is the only class, that needs to think ahead of the situation he is dealing with, right now.

But in a card game, healing over time would be too much, maybe. So Blizzard came up with a way to implement the Druid’s Healing over Time into a mechanism that gave him the opportunity to casts spells or attack when he should consider that he needs to be healed. This mechanism is the so called “Ramping”. Gaining mana crystals and playing AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Which may not seem that much, but in a card game, it is actually huge.




Overall, Druid is such a well designed and unique class. He is not as a good tank as a Warrior, and never will be. He will never be an efficient nuker, compared to a Mage, and never will be. But he is a class that combines so many (well designed) aspects, that make him really competitive in a Card game, and also fun to play.

Props to Blizzard.

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