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Hello everyone, I am Pestilentio, and it’s been a long time since our last Know Your Class Article. I will make it up to you though! I wish a happy new year to all of you and Ben Brode please don’t ruin the game with the upcoming adventure in April 2017!

So let’s get to it! 

Today we’re going to talk about Rexxar, the Hunter’s main representative in Hearthstone. Yes I like Aleria too but guys, just look at him! He is a half ogre-half, that’s why you probably can’t tell his lineage just by looking at him.

After a brief mention to Rexxar’s Lore, we are going to talk about the Hunter class in Hearthstone, and how Blizzard decided to implement this class’ relentless aggression into cards!


arena tier list hunter

Rexxar, Champion of the Horde (the Last son of the Mok’Nathal), is a half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster of the Mok’Nathal clan, and may be one of the last born half-ogres of the clan. He saved the city of Orgrimmar from the hatred of an enemy of the Horde. He was instrumental in assisting the Horde after the fall of the Burning Legion. Due to his mixed lineage, he is a towering and massively muscled warrior, and he wields his two huge axes with tremendous skill and ferocity. Rexxar is always seen with his loyal bear companion Misha.

Rexxar was one of the few orcish warriors who had been formed from a union between orcs and ogres. Rexxar was originally part of the pacifist Mok’Nathal clan, under the watchful guard of his father, Leoroxx. But their pacifist ways gave him no reason to stay, and despite his father’s wishes, he joined the Horde.

He remained in the Horde’s service for quite some time, up until he grew sickened by the senseless killing that the orcish race seemed to favor, and particularly the constant betrayals. Specificaly, when Haratha, his faithfull wolf companion, was drained of its life essences by an orcish warlock when he lept in between them to save his master. He slew the warlock but had lost his companion. He declared that he would only trust beasts from there on out, and left the Horde to wander the world on which he was now stranded.

Through his journeys in the wilderness, he came to befriend a bear named Misha, who would come whenever summoned by Rexxar. Together, they roamed away from civilization. But his journeys had seen nothing but wars amongst the so-called “civilized” creatures.

At the end of the events of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, (which would be too much to explain right now), Thrall named Rexxar Champion of the Horde and gave him the honor of leading the Horde against Proudmoore’s forces, their alliance archenemy at the time (Jaina’s father).

Honoring the promise to Jaina just before they laid siege to Theramore, Rexxar challenged Proudmoore to a duel to avoid needlessly killing anymore humans. In the end, Rexxar and Proudmoore squared off in mortal combat. Rexxar emerged victorious and told the other soldiers with him to stand down. With Proudmoore’s defeat, the battle ground to a halt and Jaina collapsed onto the body of her father. Rexxar, Thrall, and the rest of the Horde withdrew from Theramore.


Hunter Class – A brief description about the concept and it’s powers


Hunters pull and use threat redirection, crowd control, and primarily ranged damage. Some hunters have pets that add to their DPS, add group- and raid- wide buffs, and help manage aggro. They can also track, tame, and train animals and beasts found in the wild. The well-trained pet, on countless occasions, has saved a hunter’s life. They are the only class that can name, feed, and ‘train’ their pets.

Hunters excel in outdoor survival skills, such as tracking and laying traps. They are stalkers in the wild, living on their knowledge of survival and skill with a bow or rifle.

It is known that Hunters are capable of dealing outstanding amounts of burst damage in a single shot. They are generaly thought to be one of the deadliest classes in the game. And I cannot emphasize the importance of his Hero Power enough! [Steady Shot] is one of the best hero powers in the game. It has given Hunter an aggressive aspect that no other class can cope with.

It is true that Shaman is the first class that comes to mind when you hear the word “Aggro”,  but this happens only if you are new to Hearthstone. Remember, Shaman may be the best aggressive class at the moment, but he still needs recources to damage his opponent. Let’s think about Hunter for a moment. He just needs 2 mana, and he has the unique ability of puting his opponents on the clock with no card needed!

Unfortunately this has a drawback. It is very difficult for Hunter to play as a control Class, even though he has very interesting tools like [Deadly Shot] and [Hunter’s Mark]. [Steady Shot] is too much of an aggressive tool for it to get ignored.

Hunter’s Powers in Relation to Hearthstone Cards

As it is mentioned, Hunter is an “Aggro” Class by default. The important thing to note here, is that he has the best Beast Synergies in the game. He is able of buffing his creatures, as well as dealing tremendous amounts of damage, with a condition that is pretty easy to achieve.

So Hunter has 3 main specialazations:

  • Beastmaster.
  • Marksman.
  • And Survival.

Let me describe these right away!

Beastmaster Hunter

kill command


As you’ve read earlier, Hunter has an very unique relationship with his Beast Pets. This gives him outstanding bonuses when he synergizes his Beast Cards together!

This is a very clever wayof making the player feel that he needs his Beasts as a Hunter, as well as the Beasts need him, in order to stay alive and provide him with the maximum amount of value!

Now design-wise, [Kill Command] is the only card in the game that can compare itself to [Fireball]! While [Kill Command] has a condition (you need to control a Beast for it to shine), its potential to synergize with [Unleash the Hounds] and [Steady Shot] for leathal, gives the Hunter amazing reach! Every Hunter deck that will ever be played, will probably contain 2 of these.





So. [Huffer], [Misha] and [Leokk] (Yes, I know it’s ALWAYS HUFFER). Stat-wise, companion should cost more that 3 mana, that’s for sure. But every class needs “Power” Cards, for them to be viable. Also the random factor here makes up for the “overpowered” factor that the companions have.

These Beast are the most beloved companions that Rexxar has. They had to be powerful and also provide him the conditions that he needs for his Beast Synergies.

Beastmaster Hunter has the ability to contest the board pretty amazingly. Aside from that, he has an substancial reach for Leathal, if he combines his tools in the right way!




Marksman Hunter

Marksman Hunter is known for his abilities to deal tons of damage in a short amount of time. While we would think that this translates into “Face” damage in Hearthstone, Blizzard decided that this specialization of Hunter could be of a more Control-ish nature!



[Deadly Shot] is one of my favorite cards in the game. It is such a clean and cheap removal, that sees play even in completely aggro decks from time to time!

While this “spell” does not deal numerical damage, it destroys an enemy minion on the spot! This is “damage” too, right?

In my opinion this is a great way to demonstrate Hunter’s killing potential, without giving him even more direct damage cards!







I could choose between cards like [Explosive Shot] or [Multi-Shot], but I like this one better! [Arcane Shot] is a really versitile card, exactly like [Holy Smite] and [Living Roots]. While it can be used as a removal, 2 damage to face is always appreciated by a good Hunter!

Nothing more to say here. A nice balanced 1 mana spell, that could fit in a Hunter deck.






Survival Hunter

Before we get into the cards, I want to explain what this specialization is about. As stated, Hunters excel in outdoor survival skills, such as tracking and laying traps. This means that they have the required skills to survive into the wilderness. While in the meantime give their enemies misleading information, to lure them into his traps. Tracking, disabling and killing are the primary abilites of a Hunter.



[Freezing Trap] is a classic card, that will always be a good card for most Hunter decks ever to be created. While the enemy can play around it, the tempo loss is sometimes too hard to bear, and it could lead to a loss. Remeber that Hunter has the power to put his opponents on the clock with [Steady Shot].

This card (and Secrets in general) is one of the few ways in Hearthstone, that provide a player with the ability to interact with their opponent during their opponents turn! A very pro-active card and I would love to see more like this!







[Tracking] one of the few draw mechanisms that the Hunter has. But let’s think about the design of this card for a little bit.

Hunter has the ability to track down his enemies. In Hearthstone, Hunter can “track” his resources in order to find the most efficient one, in order to take out his targets! Isn’t that amazing? I think this is a great idea by Blizzard. It implements the feel that a Hunter should have while playing this class!







Hunters are considered (or should be) very adaptible and clever beings. They should have the ability to kill their opponents in the most efficient way in order to survive. So his set of skills in Hearthstone are pretty unique and theyr are implemented 100% correctly, in my opinion. He has some very efficient removals, while being able to dig into his deck in order to kill his opponent as fast as possible!

Hunters will always find themselves into the top decks of the meta, if things get too slow. Right now, Shaman is the best aggro deck, but when his overpowered cards roll out of standard format (or Hunter gets some awesome cards as well), Hunters will rise again. Remember that, the Tier 1 Classes are left out from time to time. Unfortunately ,there cannot be a meta with 9 viable classes. But you can always race to the face, just for fun!

In my opinion, the Hunter will always be close to the best Tier 1 aggro deck, if not the best one. [Steady Shot] is just too powerful! So, just give Blizzard some time, and I am sure that we will definetely see again our favorite (well, not to all of us) Face Hunter rise again!

Until then, keep Smorcing Travelers!

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